The fallacy of the ‘luxury’ hotel

It’s entirely possible that I am late to this realisation but I am going to say this anyway. In the US at least, the more you pay for a hotel the more it costs. That is going to sound stupid. But consider that at the lower end place where the competition is most fierce the WiFi is free while at the top end it is an additional fee. The same goes for bottled water in the rooms. Free at the smaller places and chargeable at the lager ones. Not just chargeable but not even a mini bar.

And this brings me to my final point, you will be pleased to hear. In the large tracts of the US where space is free the larger hotels have put in great big palaces. But this is a cover for the fact that those same places are being run on the same of fewer staff than the smaller ones. Consider the place I am in today – absolutely zero service staff but absolutely huge common areas and rooms. Its all an illusion.

Here endeth the business travellers rant of the day.

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