The best side of the city

When travelling around I try to go for a light (very light, I am in no way a fit person) jog around the city I am in, often early in the morning. Admittedly this doesn’t actually happen as often as I would like it to, but sometimes I drag myself out.

This weekend we were in London and I started out from St James’s, out through Whitehall, Horseguards and back up through Trafalgar Square. Not a long turn for sure, but really refreshing. And not just in the physical or mindset sense. It struck me that the early morning, when the city is just waking, is a great time to get the bearings of a place or remind yourself of its greatness. Which was what happened this weekend. There really is a lot in London to be proud of. Its no angel of course it has its downsides, but overall its credits far outweigh its debits.

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