How much bath salt is enough?

So here I am in Mumbai of all places. Just for the day, off to Delhi tomorrow morning. This is the second trip to India in two weeks. This one was more unexpected, with roughly two days notice. It comes off the back of a great weekend. My sister got married and it was all good, as weddings should be. My sister was worried about my speech beforehand but she needn’t have worried.

Sadly I land on Saturday morning and after a break of about four hours am off again to Dubai – not much time to get home, say hi to Helen, wash and get back. But the time at home will be worth the trip down the M4.

And so to the main point of my post. The hotel has provided this tub of bath salts. There’s got to be a good tea caddy worth there. How much to tip in? All of it? I have no experience of this, so I’ll chuck it all in and see what happens. Does anyone have any bath salt advice?

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